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When you join us, you will experience what it is like to be part of a company with a unifying purpose.

  • Whether as an engineer working on a customer’s bespoke solution,
  • A material scientist developing new products in one of our Centres of Excellence,
  • A manager for a multi-million pound production facility or,
  • An accountant aligned to one of our business clusters.

Find out more about what it is like to work at Morgan from some of our people.

Marianne is Passionate About Developing Future STEM Minds

Technical Manager Marianne is passionate about using her skills, knowledge, and experience to be an inspiring role model and mentor to aspiring STEM candidates… which is why she became a STEM ambassador!

Focused on using her expertise, she signed up for volunteering opportunities that best matched the areas she could add the most value to children in STEM.

Pre–COVID Marianne did a couple of ‘guess my job’ sessions with primary school children, taking her lab coat, some ceramic components and getting the children to ask questions to work out what ?she did. Since COVID a lot of Marianne’s volunteering has moved online. She has been very busy mentoring three college students to help them to decide what to do post a-levels and has also volunteered with a program called The Access Project; where she worked one-on-one with a disadvantaged local student to help her to secure the a-level grades she needed to get into university; a fantastic way to support STEM growth in her local community!

Marianne commented on her STEM experience: “I have had amazing support and role models to help me get to where I am today. I feel that I should give back where I can, be that showing young children that being a scientist is a real job, or by helping students with the capability and motivation to realise their potential. Aside from the satisfaction, I think it’s a great way of developing coaching and communication skills. It can be quite a challenge to explain to a 7 year old what you do! It teaches you how to match your information to your audience and think about their needs too. I love seeing the young people I come in to contact with grow and develop to reach their STEM goals!”

Our colleague Suranjan has been recognised in the Manufacturer's 2020 Top 100

Global Operations Director Suranjan's work ethic and approach to making a positive impact has been recognised in the 2020 Manufacturer's Top 100 People list, as an Unsung Hero. This places Suranjan in great company, with 100's of past alumni individuals who represent the very best across the manufacturing industry.

Founded in 2015, The Manufacturer Top 100 was launched to provide a showcase for inspiring manufacturing individuals, to highlight their enthusiasm and commitment to modern manufacturing. In an unprecedented and challenging year, we are absolutely delighted to celebrate Suranjan's fantastic achievement.

Suranjan commented on his experiences this year:

"The pandemic this year, has made us realise the fragility of life and how we should cherish what we have and make the most of it. What fires me up these days, is to make a positive impact on the world with this one chance I have in life.

To do so, I am constantly learning - learning about science, technology and the impact it has on mankind through business and social change. Also learning about people, teams, leadership and cultures, be it organisations or countries. As a Global Operations Director, marrying these two elements are integral in positively touching the lives of the people that I work with, while we serve our customers, to make the world better."

“If I could give my younger self some advice it would be, to take more risks. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Try new things...fail more to learn more. Find the right balance between depth and breadth. And have fun - life is too short not to enjoy it!"

Some wise and inspiring words, thank you Suranjan and congratulations once again!

Karlee began her Morgan journey on our Co-op scheme in the United States

Project/Controls Engineer Karlee started her career with Morgan as a manufacturing co-op at our Augusta, GA facility while she was still at school; working as a Quality Engineer followed by a Controls Engineer at the site.?Upon graduation she was offered the opportunity to come back full time as a part of the Graduate Development Programme. She has since completed this and progressed to a permanent position with us.

Karlee has worked in several R&D and engineering roles, developing in her career by using her skills and passion in the most effective ways she could find. The one piece of advice she would give a young person considering a career in STEM is: “No matter where you go in life, always come to work every day ready to learn and try new things. Being successful in STEM means not giving up when a difficult problem is in front of you, but being excited to face and conquer whatever new challenges come your way.”

Gaurang has adapted to the era of change and embraced remote

Our Global Product Manager Gaurang was among the first to take part in Morgan’s new approach to learning this year. Gaurang reflects on his experience of working and learning remotely.

“We are living in an Era of ‘forced change’, so the idea of remote learning sounded difficult at the beginning. As we have slowly caught up with the realities of the new normal, the digital world has gained more popularity. With each member of my family occupying a different room in our home to work virtually every day it was difficult to start with, but slowly we have acclimatised ourselves.?

When I was nominated for online training, as part of my homeworking, I realised that this could be an ‘in-demand skill set’ and I was keen to equip myself for the future. I found the tool very flexible, allowing me to learn at my own pace and challenge myself with new chapter tests and topics. My excitement of scoring high for each chapter motivated me, as it reminded me of my university days.

My nomination to the training, alongside my fellow mentor group, made me feel excited about the journey. Throughout the experience I have learned valuable project management skills which will make me more efficient and effective in my project execution.”


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