At Morgan?we recognise the importance?of our people, and we strive?to support their wellbeing.

We have built up a grass-roots?wellbeing programme called?‘Better You, Better Life’, which?supports our purpose of?improving quality of life.?In a similar way to our Morgan?safety week, the programme?runs activities across the Group?to promote healthy choices?and encourages our people?to take part.

Mental health

In 2021, we ran our second mental health?awareness month, supporting our people to?make better, healthier choices. We believe that?good mental health is as important as good?physical health and wellbeing. We therefore?provide our people with resources and links to?charities and organisations across the globe that?can support them. We offer managers and?colleagues practical tips on communicating
with employees with mental health issues,?and we are backing a campaign to help break?down the stigma of asking for help at work.?

We have an employee assistance programme?in the UK and US that our people can contact,?and we are looking at similar schemes in other?locations.?In 2021, we also trained our first mental health?first-aiders.