Health & Safety

We are working towards our?aspiration of ‘zero harm’ to all?our employees. We are?committed to conducting all our?activities in a manner that builds?a caring safety culture and?develops a world-class safety?system that supports this effort.

Our commitment to safety, and leading in the right way, is a constant, underpinning everything we do. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we have put in place stringent physical and procedural COVID-19 control measures to ensure the safety of our people, contractors and visitors. Every Morgan location provides a COVID-19 secure environment, in line with World Health Organization and local jurisdictional guidance.

Our safety performance in 2021

Our key metric, the lost-time accident (LTA) rate (namely, the number of LTAs per 100,000 hours worked) increased to 0.22 (2020: 0.18). The number of reported LTAs in 2021 increased to 37 (2020: 29).?We have therefore refreshed our approach?to safety with the goal of improving our safety?culture. We are seeking to build a more caring safety?culture where all of our people look out for?each other and we learn from the incidents?we experience. We are delivering these changes?through our ‘thinkSAFE’ programme.

We have performed well against leading indicator?metrics. Our near miss reporting has been strong?at 3.3 per employee vs target of 2.5, our site?‘Don’t Walk By’ programmes have been very?successful with a 94% action closure rate, our?audit action closure rate was 98%, and all?businesses achieved their visual safety leadership?targets.

Our actions in 2021

In 2021 we successfully trained over 130?‘thinkSAFE’ ambassadors. These ambassadors?are running interactive workshops for?every Morgan Advanced Materials employee, to?bring our ‘thinkSAFE’ commitments to life. They?allow for self-reflection and realisation of the role?each of us plays in supporting a safe environment.?We have received excellent feedback from the?ambassador training and workshops, and we?are starting to see the impact and changes to?behaviour as a result. This training will continue?throughout 2022.

A key part in changing our safety culture is?learning from what we do well. In 2021, we?launched a positive recognition feature in our?‘Don’t Walk By’ app. This gives us the platform?to capture what we are doing well and build?upon our successes, not just our failures.?

We have continued our quarterly topics with?a focus on safety conversations, discussing with?our people what a caring culture looks like?and why it is important.?

Our root cause analysis reviews have continued?for lost-time accidents and significant near misses.?We seek to learn as much as we can from?incidents rather than blame individuals for their?failures. We have created videos from some?of our more serious incidents to help share?learnings across the Group, and we continue to?proactively capture our near misses to maintain?a focus on the leading indicators for safety.

Progress has also been made on our safety alert?programme. We completed a review of all lifting?equipment across the business and implemented?a standard that all sites have applied. The method?and collaborative approach will form the basis?of our implementation approach for the future.?Our risk programme also progressed with?‘hazard profiles’ carried out for all our sites?and global business units. This provides guidance?on where to focus efforts, based on the sites’?individual profiles.

Review more details in Morgan's full EHS policy.