Through continuous improvement efforts we?are reducing all hazardous and non-hazardous?waste streams.

Our facilities implement various projects?to reduce the generation of waste.?Continuous improvements aligned with the?5S methodology (sort, set in order, shine,?standardise and sustain) have also been?implemented globally.

Our progress

During 2021, we introduced several process?improvements to reduce waste generation,?including minimising overweight products,?fine-tuning equipment to ensure proper thickness?and recycling of air pollution control dust?collector wastes. In addition, we have stepped?up our focus on recycling for all other materials,?including wood, cartons, pallets, plastic and?jumbo bags.

Examples?of some of the waste reduction improvements?include:?

  • Reduced waste by introducing recycling?facilities for scrap metal from our production?processes;?
  • Stepped up our recycling efforts to prevent?over 160,000 pounds of cardboard and paper?going to landfill at one of our largest sites;?
  • Our team in Ranipet, India have taken a great?step forward in reducing their plastic waste,?by eliminating polybags from their ceramic?blanket packaging in favour of a single, woven?sack.
Our waste intensity has increased 7% compared?with 2020, due to the business growth after the?COVID-19 pandemic.?Recycling has improved by 3% compared with?2020.?